• Metal stamping volumes from 1 to 100,000
  • Reverse Engineering
  • CAD
  • Blank Development
  • Tool Development
  • ID Stamping

Our Capabilities 

Constructing prototype parts for customers. We go a step further and work with your company to help develop and engineer your parts. Most RFQ’S turned around in 24-48 hours.

Metal Stamping Services

  • Mechanical
  • Hydraulic
  • Deep Draw
  • Pinch Trimming
  • Piercing
  • Drawing
  • Blanking
  • Bending
  • Air Bending
  • Coining
  • Forming
  • Lancing
  • Punching
  • Extruding
  • Die cutting

Our Capabilities 

Synergy has specialized in prototype and short run sheet metal stamping since 2011. We handle just about every type of stamping from deep draw to complex, high precision brackets. Every size, every shape, every bend, Synergy has the capability and expertise to craft your part with perfection.

Progressive Tool & Die Services